Institutional - Why Our Firm?

We are different by the reasons of…

  • Being one of the first patent and trademark attorneys of the sector
  • Producing 18.000 registrations with high accomplishment up to now
  • Having partners experienced in law more than 20 years
  • Having trademark and patent consultants with sectoral proficiency and working with principle of in situ service.
  • Certificated of Tuv-Sud ISO quality system.
  • Working with confidentially agreement 
  • Providing protection by watching system which is constituted by continiously establishing Client-Office bridge
  • Having well educated lawyers at the Law Department, who are always ready to take action aganist unfair competition.
  • Having Turkish Patent&Trademark Attorneys and European Patent Attorneys in our structure.
  • Having ability of obtaining international registrations rapidly and free of problems.
  • Having the substructure of evaluating the value of Trademark and patents.